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If you've read this and resonate with the mission or thought "Oh, Val should talk to so & so..", please feel free to connect on LinkedIn - I promise to pay it forward!  


If you're in the media world or are looking for an expert to speak about entrepreneurship (fin-tech, woman-led) or personal finances (budgeting & saving, investing, earning more and debt management), I'm excited to participate. I have an especially soft spot for speaking on these topics to a female, immigrant or African audience! 


Please reach out to my team to start the conversation.


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Get a taste of my intervewing, speaking and moderating style below.


Mastercard Foundation: Building healthy habits, creating wealth

K24: Creating a successful business

KTN: Your Money Management Guide for 2020

Nation Media Group: 5 questions about money

50 First Coffees (Podcast): A Coffee with Valentine Njoroge

Africa's Pocket YouTube Channel 

Please find my short and long bio here. 

For photos, you can use any of these options here. You'll find a range of headshots, action photos and more. 

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