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Get to know me

Entrepreneurship was inevitable for me, it's my nature to see opportunities & solve problems. 

My love for business brought me to the world of finance and investments. Here, I noticed that most 'great' companies that I knew - Facebook, Amazon, Google -  have been built by people who are alive today. This was exciting at first, because it means building impactful companies is an attainable goal. However, I started to notice a trend, our great continent Africa has the youngest, fastest growing population but rarely produces companies that serve the world. Why is that? Why are global African companies so rare?


This is a question I'm on a mission to answer. I've been part of a global organization at Morgan Stanley where I started my career, I've worked with founders directly while managing a $5M venture capital fund at Centum, I've studied global businesses during my MBA at Oxford, and now, I'm putting myself in the arena by building Africa's Pocket.




Ms Njoroge & Mr Richu Representing Afric

My goal is to build a Global African company. I'm doing this in the finance space because I believe in the power of local capital and the other thing I love as much as Africa is money! 

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