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Sustainable Success

2023 marks my 10th year of working full time.

I've been operating in high pressure, high performance environments the whole time, which was okay for a single 20something. This has worked for me. I've done incredible things with my career, I've made money, I've met incredible people.

I've been operating like this without adjusting for different circumstances and my body said, "girl, this ain't working". I burned out. I had to take a break, and thank God that I could.

Burnout is usually associated with work, but very quickly, I realized it wasn't just about work.

-- my health physical & mental need a different approach, my body is now in it's 4th decade. My mind juggles a million things.

-- My relationships need a different approach. I'm a daughter, sister, friend, wife, boss, mentor, mentee, auntie, niece, investor, investee etc etc.

So, of course my 20 year old approach isn't gonna cut it anymore.

So by order of my body, I spent a month resting and auditing so I can start redesigning my life because things have changed.

Also, being mission led really ups the stakes. I'm trying to solve the problem of building African wealth. I'm a female founder in Fintech.

Now, if I mess up, I'm not just messing up at work, I'm also messing with people's livelihoods (my team and my customers)... and, I'm messing with my legacy.

Now whenever someone burns out, usually the story goes like they then moved to a farm and lived a simpler life. But this doesn't sit right with me.

I struggle with the idea of 'slowing down'... Like I want the big impact, I want big success, I want to be recognized for these things, I want to be rich...

So how do you do this and not punish or neglect your mind, body and relationships at the same time? How do you build an approach to life that can work for the next decade or two when life only gets fuller? Can you have sustainable success?

I'm gonna f*ck around and find out, and I want to bring you along on the journey! Follow along on Instagram for weekly updates on the journey.

Here's my grand plan:

Let me know what you do to keep your life sustainable!


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