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I'm an entrepreneur... it's in my blood.

Hi, I'm Val(entine) Njoroge 

I'm an entrepreneur, investor & money person, child of Africa & global citizen and the co-founder of Africa's Pocket

Taking over the world, in a dress and some killer heels 😏

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At ten, I started my first ‘biashara’, a small business, selling eggs. Today, I aspire to change Africa’s business landscape by building enterprises that can compete in the global economy. I'm doing that by building Africa's Pocket, helping Africans (and then the world) build generational wealth. 


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I'm the 'money person' and an investor

I started my career on Wall Street where I got a taste of a global economy. I was compelled to move back home, to Nairobi, Kenya, where I continued on the investment path. Working for organizations like Dry Associates and Centum made me the go-to person in my network for money questions. This is where I found my first ventures to invest in and began to asked myself, 'Why don't we have many global African companies?'


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I'm a global citizen, crafted in Africa

I have lived in 4 countries and visited over 30, across 5 continents - Australia I'm on the way 😉 


This exposure combined with my global education, work experience & my incessant curiosity has fuelled my ambition to build global, African businesses by either founding them or funding them. 

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I've founded Africa's Pocket & Mradifund

Mradifund started off by helping SMEs raise funding to scale. We have built expertise in identifying winners and helping them get to the top. Now, we are doing more than providing fundraising expertise. We are investing in and building startups and SMEs that can solve Africa’s biggest problems. 

Africa's Pocket is a financial education platform where Africans can learn about, plan for and act on their finances. Our mission is to democratize financial education among Africans, so we can create a sustainable financial ecosystem. 


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My work has been featured a few times...
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I'm documenting my journey, so others on this mission don't have to start from scratch
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