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Hi, I'm Val(entine) Njoroge 

I'm an entrepreneur, investor & money person, child of Africa & global citizen and a
co-founder at Africa's Pocket

Seeking Sustainable Success 

Sustainable Success

I'm on a mission to achieve great success, I want the big impact, I want big success, I want to be recognized for these things, I want to be rich... I'm building a business and investing to make this happen.

I want to achieve this and not punish or neglect my mind, body and relationships at the same time.


I'm answering the question, "How do you build an approach to life that can work for the next decade or two when life only gets fuller? Can you have sustainable success?"

I'm documenting my journey, so others on this mission don't have to start from scratch

Three ways I can help you



Africa's Pocket is a wealth management platform that makes it REALLY easy for Africans to reach financial security and build wealth. 



Let's have a chat about investing, entrepreneurship or building a global career  



I deconstruct big topics like investing, budgeting, and debt repayment into simple systems that anyone—executives, career professionals, entrepreneurs—can follow.


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